Author: admin | Date: March 21, 2009 | Please Comment!

Webmaster 10 started in 1995 by building a rough site for a club we belonged to. While 6 years isn’t really that long ago, on the internet and in HTML technology there have been tremendous strides made in the industry.

Then an acquaintance asked that a site be designed and built for his business. I think I received $25 or $30 for the project. While working on this project, the project asked a lot of questions I didn’t have the answers for. A friend that is a commercial photographer had been dabbling in web design so we shared our knowledge. I was working in an unrelated field at that time and spending most of my free time reading and talking with others involved in web design.

People saw the work, liked it and kept asking for me to build sites. It finally went to a level where I couldn’t do justice to my 3-piece-suit job and produce the quality I wanted. A decision was made to give up a salary not doing what I liked or was educated for. Unfortunately in upper management 10% of your time is actually spent doing what you originally got into that field for….

And now I like what I do and work with various associates as needed that have depth in their respective fields. We build you a website that works at a reasonable cost.