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Sites can be done as low as $250.00 – usually 2 to 3 weeks completion time

Text needs to be complete and “ready to go”
Images and/or photos (no negatives) are furnished by client
Includes 2 – 3 pages which is normally ideal for a small business or site
Submission & promotion of site is included for 1 month
Obtaining a domain name & setup on a new ISP (if required) is $25.00 additional

A page usually takes from 1 to 3 hours dependent on:

How elaborate it is
Frames take more time
A lot of images take time
Custom logos, etc. add time
F igure $70.00 per page as a budget estimate

A logo or custom artwork is from $25.00 + up

“Shopping Carts” start at $125.00 for the program installed, adding merchandise listing is $40.00 per hour

Submission & promotion of your site (We submit to over 750,000 locations)

Included with your site build
Otherwise; $40.00 per month (3 month minimum, you are wasting your money if you submit less than 3 months) (Details)

Forms; $40.00 per hour
We will need the following information:
Address of ISP it will be placed on
Whether its UNIX or NT
Address of your CGI bin
“Huh?” Contact Us, we’ll try to get it for you

Routine maintenance of your site; changes of any type $40.00 per hour, (½ hour minimum)

Submissions & Promotion

What are Submissions & Promotion?
Submitting your site to the search engines, directories, and FFA lists
There are over 750,000 places that we submit your site to

Why should I do this?
If no one know you’re there, they can’t find you
Sort of like a business having an unlisted phone number..

Why the 3 month minimum?
We have found it can take up to 3 months before your site shows up in searches
We spend a lot of time setting up to do your submission properly. If it was for 1 month only the price would have to be higher

$40 per month (prepaid for 3 months)
Billing Information

We do not accept credit cards
Company or Personal Checks are accepted
50% down until you are an established client
Established clients are billed monthly
Balance due 7 days after site is operational

Feel free to contact us with any questions