Author: admin | Date: August 13, 2005 | Please Comment!

“I don’t know much about all this web stuff – what do I need to have a web site?”

You need:

  • A place to put the web site
    • Either on an existing account like AOL, Earthlink, Mindspring, etc.
    • Or a commercial ISP (IndependentĀ ServiceĀ Provider)
  • Then either “build” a web site or hire someone to do it for you – likeus
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“Can’t I use my AOL, XYZ, whatever account?”
Yes, you can

  • Advantages
    • Low cost – you’re already paying for it!
    • Usually 2 – 6 MEGs of storage for files and images is included
  • Disadvantages
    • You’ll have a name like “”
    • Limited storage space
    • Some scripting is not available for special effects or “shopping carts”, etc.

“Do I really need a domain name and a commercial ISP?”

  • No, but here’s a few things to consider:
    • Going “commercial” is inexpensive and has advantages
      • A “professional” domain address, like “”
      • $70.00 registers a domain name for 2 years
      • Commercial ISPs are available from $15.00 a month
        • 50 MEGs of storage
        • Multiple E-mail forwarding accounts
        • Custom script handling