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Are these places any good? LD Riders have been known to ride over a 1000 miles to eat at them!
Bar BQ
Joe’s Barbecue
Wikieup, AZ 85360, 928-765-2287

Joes is the best BBQ in NW Arizona. Open for lunch & dinner. About 1/2 way between Phoenix & Las Vegas on US 93. I have had almost everything on the menu and it’s ALL good!! I will put it up against Texas and Tennessee BBQ. – Terry

334 W TRINITY LN, NASHVILLE, TN 37207, (615) 228-9888 – Duke

The original is:
416 BROADWAY, NASHVILLE, TN 37203, (615) 254-5715

Goliad, TX – McMillians BBQ 512-645-2326

Stockton, AL – Stagecoach Cafe .
Excellent buffet/seafood. Open seven days 6:00 am – 8:30 pm
Located five miles north of I-65 Exits 31 or 34

Hattiesburg, MS – Farmer’s Market.
Huge buffet always has good catfish and BBQ ribs along with lots of other good stuff. Open for lunch and dinner daily. Located on Hwy 49 about 1/4 mile south of I-59 Exit 67. Sort of hard to find. Locate the McDonalds and Farmer’s Market is next door on top of the hill.

Richton, MS – Pat’s Sweet Magnolia Cafe
Don Moses has been the instigator of numerous food threads. His latest on King’s Inn reminds me to tell you folks about the best buffet in the entire South. Being the best in the South also probably makes it the best in the world. Eating is almost as important to a real Southerner as college football.

Now, we aren’t talking about some place that *I* think is the best, this little place has been voted the best for the past three years by several motorcycle clubs.

Pat’s Sweet Magnolia Cafe is located in Richton, MS. It’s a small, nondescript place alongside Hwy. 42 on the east side of town.

Richton isn’t on the way to much of anywhere. Unless you are traveling from Ovett to New Augusta or maybe Petal to Sand Hill, it’s out of the way. Perfect motorcycle destination, eh?

To find Richton on a map, look to the east of Hattiesburg, MS and South of Laurel, MS at the intersection of hwys 42 and 15.

To find Pat’s Sweet Magnolia, take Hwy 42 east out of downtown Richton toward Sand Hill. Just as you start to leave town the cafe is on the left. It’s a small white building set in a low spot. Open for lunch only Tues – Friday. Also open for Sunday lunch. (601) 788-5871

Consistently the finest country cooking anywhere. Tell ’em I sent you.

Standard disclaimer. I have no connection with the place other than being willing to make the 240 mile round trip ride at least twice a month. 🙂
– Ray Fagan

Valentine NE – Mean Gene’s Burgers (franchise).
I don’t know if it was because I was particularly hungry from not eating all day, or the air-conditioning after several hours of riding in temps and relative humidity in the 90’s, or what; but that cheeseburger I had has been sticking in my mind as one of the best I’ve ever had. I’ll probably make a trip back relatively soon, I’ve been craving that burger ever since I got home.
Gotta love the tagline for the place – “Mean Gene’s – the burger that says BITE ME”

OMG!!!!! Mean Gene’s Burgers, Stopped there in Valentine for gas and a break on my way back from Trailer Week 2 years ago. GREAT BURGERS!!!!. For 2 years I have been trying to remember the name of that place. Double Cheese burger and Fruit Punch Gatorade. YUMMMMY.
– Jon McDermott & Jeff Salyer

Doddridge, AR – Spruell’s Restaurant
If you’re looking for the “Deliverance” atmosphere, Take hwy 71 north from Shreveport, go to Doddridge, Ark, yep this isn’t a quicky, bout 1 hour each way,after you go through Doddridge, watch for a sign that says Spruell’s Restaurant, you gotta watch or you will not find it, its only a couple of miles or maybe less, from Doddridge, you would be better to stop in Doddridge and ask

Dixie Inn, LA – Bayou Inn.
Just west of Minden, Take Dixie Inn exit from I-20, head north , one block, then east on Hwy 80, perhaps 1/2 mile, Bayou Inn sits off the highway on north side, watch for entrance , if you get to the bridge you’re too far

Longwood, LA – Jan’s River Restaurant
Go south 1/4 mile from I-20 on 169 turn east on hwy 80, until you see the water park, Jan’s River Restaurant is just across from it
Picayune, MS – Cuevas’s Fish House (601) 798-9927
Waveland, MS – Nick’s House of Catfish

Horseshoe Bend, ID – Riverside Inn (208) 793-2651, Home of the “Chiliburger Run”

Brunswick, ME – Miss Brunswick (killer blueberry pancakes with real Maine blueberrys)
– Dennis Kessler
Wiscasset, ME – Canfield’s
Grand Marais, MN – Black Bear Bar & Restaurant 7611 Gunflint Trail, (218) 388-2214 Great pancakes, Goober burger
Littleton, NH – Littleton Diner
Azalea, OR – Heaven On Earth (bakery on premises, fresh peanut butter, & apple butter on table) Just off I-5 about 25 miles north of Grants Pass
– Terry Smith
Chester, VT – The Country Girl
Kirkland, WA (Seattle) – Cafe Veloce (real Italian) – Ron Smith

Hamilton, Ontario – The Black Forest Inn serves homemade German food at reasonable prices. The Bratwurst is to die for.
– Bobb Todd

Hot Dogs
Danbury, CT – JK’s Texas Hot Weiners
Stubby hot dogs butterfly-cut and grilled with minced onions and Texas hot sauce. Unreal!
– Rich McNamara

Tucson, AZ – Caruso’s, 434 N 4th Ave (Old Town area) Italian Lasagna to die for!
-Clark Ferrill

Phoenix, AZ – Los Dos Molinos
8646 S Central Ave, 602-243-9113. The best Mex food anywhere hot & delicious. I ride a day out of my way to eat here & I live in Arkansas.
-Clark Ferrill

Deming, NM – damn, I can’t remember the name but its on Route 549 in town. Take either Exit 81 coming from the West or Exit 82 from the East. Its right across the street from the Super 8. Hole in the wall but the sauces are “real” NM style (a little “bite” and just smokey enough). Excellent, inexpensive & good sized portions.
– Terry Smith

Lakeview, OR – El Aguila Real
If you like real Mexican, not TexMex, stop at El Aguila Real in Lakeview. Believe me, they live up to their name, it’s The Real Eagle.
– Sam Lepore

Ft. Stockton, TX – Angies. This is a real hole in the wall place right off I-10 that makes excellent Mexican at a very reasonable price and the serving size is ample
– Terry Smith

New Orleans
New Orleans, LA – Copelands is one of the best places to eat in New Orleans we have found. We have been traveling to NO for many years and every chance we must eat there. They have some of the best Steaks cooked, all the food there is wonderful, we have tried many dishes and not yet found one we dislike. Their menu have steaks, seafood, pasta, salads, and the best crab claws in a garlic butter that are great! They have a mile high pie, ( you better have 3 other people to help ) I cant say enough about Coplands. If you have a chance please try one of their locations, there is one in Jackson MS, Baton Rouge La, Dallas, TX, and of course New Orleans. I know you will enjoy.
– Barbara Reeves

Seattle, WA – King Cafe. 723 S. King St. N47º 35.900′, W122º 19.360′ (approximately) Dearborn exit off I-5, west on Dearborn, north on 8th, west on King. Dim Sum Thurs. through Tues.
This place has some of the best quality Dim Sum I have eaten on the West Coast, and has a very helpful and friendly staff.
– “Spike”

Loyola Beach, TX – Kings Inn.
Some of you may remember the “ride to eat” gatherings I hosted several years ago at King’s Inn in Loyola Beach, Texas. I’ve been eating at King’s Inn off and on since I was in college back in 1970. King’s Inn serves family style, but for a couple, they have this thing called a combination platter that has a bit of everything; shrimp, oysters, sea bass, scallops, and frog legs. There is a choice of salad, and french fries and onion rings are served on the side. Yes, I said it was for a couple, which makes it perfect for little ole me. King’s Inn has this totally unique tartar sauce that is to die for. All of the food is fried, and in case you are thinking Long John Silvers, you don’t have a fricking clue how good fried seafood can be.

Like I said, I have been eating here off and on since 1970. You know how one often builds up a treasured memory in their mind until the real thing becomes a dismal failure next to the memory? I have this wonderful memory of the food I have eaten over the years at King’s Inn. Yeah, I know, “It’s only fried food, Moses!” Okay, for you maybe, but for me every meal I’ve ever eaten there has been something special. Not that I remember each one, but that each meal has been just as great as the first. Each meal meets the expectations of the memory I have from meal’s past. King’s Inn never disappoints. If possible, my dying meal will be from King’s Inn.

Now why am I sharing this memory with you all? I suspect that we have all had memories of things or places from our past. We have all gone back to visit them, and had the memory tarnished because the real thing doesn’t measure up to the memory. You all know the saying, “You can’t go home again.” I just wanted to let you in on a memory of mine whose present does meet its past. Long live King’s Inn.
– Don Moses

Lincoln, NE – The Steak House. Been there 50 years. Serves a 2 lb T bone smothered in butter. Cut it with a fork.
– Bobb Todd

Food Network – Feasting on Asphalt Restaurant Listings

Episode 1 Restaurants

Jack’s Cosmic Dogs
What Alton ate: hot dogs and French Fries with nehi soda
2805 N. Highway 17
Mt. Pleasant, SC 29466
(843) 884-7677

Pitt Street Pharmacy
What Alton ate: egg salad sandwich and chocolate malt
111 Pitt St
Mt. Pleasant, SC 29464
(843) 884-4220

Streamliner Diner
(Owned by Savannah College of Art and Design)
What Alton ate: sandwiches
120 W. Henry Street
Savannah, GA 31401
(912) 238-2447

Robert Lee Smalls Store
What Alton ate: pig’s foots
Gilsonville, SC

The Biscuit Place
What Alton ate: sausage, tenderloin, fried bologna, biscuits
107 Andrew Drive
Washington, GA 30673
(706) 678-1672

Shirley’s Soul Food Cafe
What Alton ate: fried chicken, vegetables and cobbler
212 W Currahee Street
Toccoa, GA 30577
(706) 297-7739

Hobo Hollar
What Alton ate: watermelon
Vegetable Stand
Highway 11
Spartanburg, SC

South 21 Drive In
What Alton ate: hamburgers and onion rings
3101 E. Independence Blvd.
Charlotte, NC 28205
(704) 377-4509

Episode 2 Restaurants

Carolina Smokehouse
What Alton ate: Boston butt BBQ
Highway 64 West
Cashiers, NC 28717
(828) 743-3200

Lous Cafe
What Alton ate: hamburgers and fries
105 Clyde Freels Road
Sunbright, TN 37872
(423) 628-9164

Sanders Cafe Museum and Kentucky Fried Chicken
(Site of original KFC)
What Alton ate: Kentucky fried chicken
688 Highway 25 West
Corbin, KY 40701
(606) 528-2163

Smokey Pig Bar B Q
What Alton ate: Monroe County style BBQ
2520 Louisville Road
Bowling Green, KY 42101
(270) 781-1712

YWCA Tea Room
What Alton ate: tea sandwiches
118 Vine Street
Evansville, IN 47708
(812) 422-1191

Hilltop Inn
What Alton ate: pork brain sandwich and burgers
1100 Harmony Way
Evansville, IN 47720
(812) 422-1757

Ted Drewe’s
What Alton ate: ice cream and concretes, a milkshake so thick it can be turned upside down and not fall out of cup
6726 Chippewa Street
St Louis, MO 63109
(314) 481-2652

Episode 3 Restaurants

Forest Park
(Site of 1904 St. Louis World’s Fair)

Weaubleau Motel
What Alton ate: coffee
Hwy 54
Weableau, MO 65774
(417) 428-3516

Chuck Wagon Restaurant
What Alton ate: pie
503 Main Street
Florence, KS 66851
(620) 878-4382

Harvey House Museum
221 Marion Street
Florence, KS 66851

Copper Kitchen
213 Colorado Avenue
La Junta, CO 81050
(719) 384-7508

Pikes Peak Colorado
What Alton ate: coffee
Colorado Springs, CO 80901
(719) 385-Peak

Ted Tacos
What Alton ate: fry bread, tourist killer burrito
Hwy 160
Outside of Mancos, CO

Mexican Hat Lodge
What Alton ate: Steak and beer
Hwy 163, Main Avenue
Mexican Hat, UT 84531
(435) 683-2222

Episode 4 Restaurants

Curly Q Chuck Wagon
What Alton ate: steaks, biscuits, salt pork gravy and coffee

Wigwam Motel
2728 W Foothill Blvd
Rialto, CA 92376

Fork in the Road Restaurant
2728 W Foothill Blvd
Ontario, CA

Dinos Hamburgers
What Alton ate: pastrami hot dog
13128 Inglewood Ave
Hawthorne, CA 90250

B&R Old Fashion Burgers
What Alton ate: royal burger — 2.5lbs
3512 Rosecrans Ave
Hawthorne, CA 90250

Continental Market
What Alton ate: Argentinian pastries
12921 Prairie Ave
Hawthorne, CA 90250

Fosters Freeze
What Alton ate: soft serve ice cream
11969 Hawthorne Blvd
Hawthorne, CA 90250

Acosta Tacos
What Alton ate: assorted tacos
4539 W Imperial Hwy
Inglewood, CA 90304